The History of Porsche

There are thousands of Porsches sold each year here in the UK. However, we very much doubt that all the buyers know the history of Porsche or appreciate the story behind the car they’re buying. So we’d like to take you through some of the key points in Porsches rich history.

It all began when German Automotive Engineer, Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931.

In 1948 the company introduced the aerodynamic ‘Porsche 356.’ The company then hand built their first 52 cars in 1949 in Gmund, Austria. Over the next few years they continued to sell and improve upon the 356.

By 1956 Porsche had massively succeeded with a total of 10,000 cars being built and sold. By 1962 the company had established their own independent distribution network in Europe, I think we can safely say that the company was taking over the sports car industry.

Just 2 years later in 1964, production of the notorious ‘Porsche 911’ began and straight away was a huge success.

Skipping forward to the 80’s, Porsche had made a name for itself in the USA, selling its first car across the pond (Porsche 944) and setting up North American headquarters in Reno, Nevada. By 1987 Porsche had built an impressive 250,000 911 models.

Around came the 90’s and Dr. Wendelin Wiedekin was made a chairman of Porsche AG. And by 1996 Porsche had built its 1,000,000th car!

Welcome to 2016. By now Porsche has over 53 models available to the world! It’s safe to say that the company has come a long way since that little garage in Austria.

So next time you go to take your Porsche out for a spin, you can appreciate the amazing story behind the brand. Furthermore, if you want to continue the history of the Porsche by custom designing, modifying or converting your motor, then visit us here at Porsche Conversions so that we can provide the professional service you and your car deserve. HOST