Porsche Models in the Movies

Over the years, the Porsche models have appeared in countless significant movies of all time. There is a reason for this; if you want your character to appear like the coolest kid in town, give him a Porsche and he is on his way. Because of this Porsches have become a symbol for masculinity and effortless elegance in the world of cars.

Some truly amazing Porsche models have been featured in Hollywood classics over the decades so here are a couple to get the car enthusiast in you, on the edge of your seat.

The 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster was featured in Top Gun (1986). It was and still is an all-time favourite. It became an icon among 80’s film buffs and is forever seen as one of the all-around coolest movie cars, of all time. It may have been a replica but it will forever be seen in the eyes of the men, as a gorgeous car.

Another Tom Cruise film, Risky Business (1983), a film that launched the star’s acting career, also made the 1978 Porsche 928 a classic among 80s car lovers. The film is centred on Joel, Tom Cruise’s character in the film, destroying the car and then having to restore it – a car buff’s dream! Years later, the original car from the movie was sold at auction for an incredible price of $49,000.

The movie Bullitt (1968) is seen by many as one of the greatest car movies of all time. With insanely gripping car chases involved, and a show from at least every model of car to ever be made, amongst the onscreen cars features a canary yellow 1964 Porsche 356 Cabriolet. In this film, the Porsche 356 Cabriolet is an example of the brand’s art of making masterpiece when they pair a gorgeous colour alongside the Porsche’s renowned styling.

Finally, a screen favourite with Hollywood stars and movies is the 911 model. Over the years it has been featured in many films – almost too many to list! But some of the highlight films for Porsche’s 911 models are The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), where a silver 911 is stolen straight from the Porsche showroom.

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