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Porsche Just Revealed their Most Successful Half Year To Date – What’s their Secret?

Porsche’s reputation is on a scale that few other car manufacturers are able to match, with a world-renowned brand, a testament to racing excellence and a driving experience which is second-to-none. On top of this, Porsche has just revealed it has turned its most successful half year in its history since the beginning of this year, which is largely down to the Macan SUV and its huge sales in China.

Worldwide deliveries of Porsche climbed by seven percent in the six months to the end of June, compared with the same time period last year. As well as the Macan’s success, the supercar maker has said sales of the new Panamera raced ahead by over 54 percent in this time too.

This remarkable growth begs the question: how is Porsche still growing year on year? And what are the secrets of their success?

  1. An adaptable range of cars

Once upon a time, Porsche exclusively manufactured sports cars, but its range now includes SUVs and four-door executive cars, as well as diesel and hybrids. Their ability to adapt to road and family-friendly cars has allowed them to expand their target market massively, while still maintaining their prestigious brand name.

  1. Strong market position

These models have given Porsche the ammunition it needed to gain a strong market position in the US and China, the latter now being Porsche’s largest single market. Tapping into these countries’ markets has proven to be essential for the brand’s success and their growth here continues to increase year upon year, as seen for the most recent Macan SUV.

  1. Model development

Porsche knows how to maximise the potential of each model line.

For example, the 911 was first launched in the 1960s but Porsche has produced countless models from it, including four-wheel-drives, turbos, GT3s and GT2s, with their latest GT2 RS due to be released later this year. All of which are built upon the original car’s rear-engined layout and basic styling. Porsche certainly know how to capitalise on a successful model and don’t look like they will be slowing down any time soon.

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