Porsche Conversions Talks – Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

With the summer weather well on it’s way, you’re going to want your Porsche to be looking it’s best so you can drive with confidence. In addition to a shiny new conversion, there are a few things that the team here at Porsche Conversions suggest you do at home to make your car look brand new.

As you well know, a Porsche is a car unlike any other and therefore must be treated as such. So today we’re going to give you some simple tips that can be incorporated into your regular routine and will improve the look and feel of your Porsche.

Start off right…

As one would expect, tyres tend to be the dirtiest part of a car as they pick up everything and anything from the road whilst you’re driving. As such, it’s important to hose them down before any other part of your Porsche as remaining dirt can otherwise spread onto the body of the car.

If you’re outside…

When washing your Porsche outside it’s a good idea to make sure that you do it in the shade. Rain spots, wax or residual soap will dry and leave unsightly marks on the bodywork, which if left can be very difficult to remove.

If you’re in the habit of cleaning your car wherever is convenient, stop! Washing your car in the sunlight can have a detrimental effect on the finish of the car, especially to newer cars which are especially vulnerable to sun damage due to their thin clear topcoat. Once this has been damaged or burned away your bodywork will never shine the way it did before.

Hone your technique…

When waxing your car, using small circular motions with a microfiber cloth will distribute the product evenly.

When it comes to polishing please remember that this will not actually help protect the surface of your Porsche. All polish actually does is keep your car looking newer and replaces the essential oils in the paint; just don’t confuse this process with waxing.

So there you are! Three simple tips for washing and waxing your Porsche. We know they’ll help keep your car looking great this summer.

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