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Porsche alloy wheel refurbishment, Essex

Alloy wheels can make the world of difference when it comes to the stylish exterior of your Porsche. Unfortunately, alloy wheels are easily damaged over time through scrapes and scuffs with kerbs or corners, while often showing signs of corrosion too.

However, rather than paying out for a whole new set of wheels, our alloy wheel refurbishment service here at our Porsche garage in Ilford, Essex can provide a far cheaper alternative, while still giving that perfect, factory finish look.

How does Porsche alloy wheel refurbishment work?


First of all, your alloy wheels are removed from the vehicle and stripped of their paint. Any scuffs and cracks are then repaired by our Porsche specialists and re-primed to give a smooth surface, which also removes corrosion. This process is vital for preparing your wheels and giving them an even, solid surface for the following steps.


Once the entire wheel is smoothed and prepped, a base coat can be applied by our technicians. The wheels are then painted to your specification and choice of colour. Finally, they are polished and baked to give them that showroom shine, before being refitted to your vehicle.

While alloy wheel refurbishment is a relatively subtle and cost-effective modification, it can make a dramatic difference to your Porsche’s exterior, transforming the appearance of your sportscar. Our Porsche specialists can cater to your specific requirements when it comes to finishes and colours: whether you’re looking for a statement colour and trim for your alloys or a more conservative style, we can help.

Here at our Porsche garage in Ilford, Essex, we specialise in a huge range of bespoke Porsche repairs, modifications, personalisations and updates. Whether you own a Cayenne or a Cayman, modern or classic Porsche, our Porsche specialists can keep your car looking stunning and driving smoothly.

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