Personalise your Porsche

Owning a Porsche is one thing, but owning a personalised Porsche making it completely unique, is another. Have you ever thought about giving the car of your dreams, just that little bit more? One thing that no one else has got, or even combining two models to get the best of both worlds. Then Porsche Conversions can help. At Porsche Conversions, we can help create the car of your dreams, or take that car and make it even better. Our team of qualified mechanics can help you. Here are some of the services we can offer:

Ways to customise your Porsche

  • Painted wheel refurbishment
  • Porsche angel eye headlights
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • LED lighting
  • Caliper Refurbishment
  • Painted seat backs

Set your Porsche apart from the rest and customise your Porsche by changing interior styling, Body Kit Fitting, DRL and LED lighting.

Modifications to Avoid

  • Fake Fuchs Wheels – The five-leaf wheel design is a fundamental part of the Porsche 911’s legacy, because of this over the years, there have been many copies produced. However, these will never come close to the original design.
  • Unnecessary Facelifts – Be proud of your car’s original flair, messing too much with bumpers and exterior can ruin the overall look of the model.
  • Steering wheel retrims – A simple one, but something we have seen loads of over the years. Don’t ruin your car interior with a dodgy homemade steering wheel cover.

It’s important to not overdo it on the modifications to such a classic model. You should never take it too far, to make the car look less than it’s worth or simply something that just doesn’t look right. Our team at Porsche Conversions, are specialists in our field. We can help to personalise your car in a way that doesn’t take away from the classic design and luxe feeling that a Porsche gives.

If you would like any more information or some advice on how best to personalise your Porsche, then please call one of our professionals at Porsche Conversions or get in touch today. HOST