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How to drive your Porsche in wet weather

We’re used to rainy days here in the UK, however with the frequency of downpours in this country, it’s easy to forget just how dangerous driving on wet roads can be. Porsche owners have the luxury of driving supercars every single day, however drivers need to be extra careful in rainy weather to ensure safety at all times! Here are some of our top tips for driving in the rain from Porsche Conversions, Essex.

1. Go slow

We may be stating the obvious, but speed must be adjusted in rainy weather. Stopping distances are doubled when the roads are wet, so going slower will allow you more time to spot and react to any potential hazards. You should aim to keep at least four to six seconds between you and the car in front.

2. Use your lights

Always check your lights are working properly before venturing out in the rain. Use your dipped beam setting to improve vision and allow other drivers to see you in good time. Never use your fog lamps unless visibility is very poor, as these can dazzle other motorists, particularly when there is spray from wet roads.

3. Aquaplaning – what to do

Aquaplaning happens when your Porsche’s tyres travel over a large volume of water, which is too much for the tyres to clear. This water builds up and lifts the tyres away from the road’s surface, meaning there is little or no grip.

To decrease the likelihood of this happening, make sure you regularly check your tyre pressure and tread depth. If it does happen to you, it’s vital that you don’t slam on your brakes as this will cause you to skid and lose control. Instead, gently remove the pressure from the accelerator until your car comes to stop.

4. Keep your Porsche maintained

The last thing you want is to find your windscreen wipers don’t work when you hit a downpour or that your tyres could do with a little more tread when the roads are wet. Regular maintenance checks from a Porsche specialist can be the perfect way to prevent this and give you peace of mind when driving in adverse weather conditions.

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