Getting A New Set of Wheels This Summer with Porsche Conversions

After months of driving down gritted and rain-dampened roads, it’s about time you got a new set of wheels! Now, we don’t mean going out and buying a completely brand new car, although we wouldn’t mind splashing out on the new Porsche 911 GT3!

Porsche Conversions’ team of qualified technicians recommend that drivers have their wheels checked and refurbished regularly to check for damage or wear and tear. In the case of there being any deterioration to your wheels, we have a number of refurbishment options.

Painted Wheel Refurbishment

Are the trims of your wheels covered in scratches and dents? Why not completely refresh their look this summer with our durable and protective painted wheel refurbishment. While it may seem like a quick and simple refurb, it is bound to make a statement and enhance the overall look of your car this summer time!

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

When you’ve spent lots of money on a car you want it to look and feel good forever! However, damaged wheels can have a serious impact on the aesthetic of any vehicle and so our team can offer a full alloy wheel refurbishment to bring your wheels back to ‘factory condition’, so you and your Porsche can stand out again!

When we refurbish your wheels, we will remove the tyres, diamond cut the wheels if necessary, replace the valves and rebalance the wheels. This is all included in the price that you’re quoted.

 Caliper Refurbishment

 As one of the most important part of the brakes, it’s important that your calipers are in perfect condition! The team of technicians at Porsche Conversions are able to refurbish your calipers, as a final touch to compliment your wheels!

We have a number of colours and finishes available to suit your specifications.

So, if your wheels need a complete refresh for summer 2017, get in touch. To find out what Porsche Conversions can do for you, speak to our bodyshop team on 020 8500 9228. HOST