Angel Eyes Upgrades for Porsche

There’s nothing that distinguishes your Porsche from the rest our Angel Eyes Upgrade.

As one of Porsche Conversion’s finest lighting upgrades for your Porsche, Angel Eye headlights will leave your old lights in the dark compared to these stunningly bright, white LEDS; opening up a whole new world when driving in dusky conditions.

The Angel Eyes we have here at Porsche Conversions are of the upmost quality, which means you cannot find them just anywhere! Each of the Angel Eyes has 66 LED’s encased in individual diffuser housing, which unlike halogen bulbs, use much less electricity. Environmentally conscious Porsche fans will be pleased to know this not only reduces your CO2 emissions but also minimises the drain on your battery life.

Our Porsche Angel Eye Headlight conversion also works perfectly with the HiD kit and are configured as daytime running light or as a dip beam, to follow the current motoring trend.

With the Angel Eye headlights, we recommend fitting a HiD Xenon kit for compatibility and co-ordination plus it stops premature fading on the newer plastic headlamp lens.

All our headlights will be fitted on site by our experienced technicians and fully tested guaranteed error free and configured to your own specifications by Porsche Conversion’s expert team.

We include a headlamp glass refurbishment in all our headlight packages.

If you cannot reach our local Ilford garage, we also offer an additional postal service for our mainland UK and overseas customers for the Angel Eye headlamp upgrade. Feel free to forward your headlight direct to us and you can be confident that your new product will be fitted and thoroughly tested by our technicians before returning.

Are you interested in our Angel Eye upgrade? To find out when you can have our high quality headlights fitted at our Ilford garage, speak to one of experience team on 020 8500 9228. HOST