The Importance of Servicing your car

The Importance of Servicing your Porsche – 10% off at Porsche Conversions

When you own a Porsche, you want it to last for as long as possible and to be at its very best throughout your ownership, so maintenance is essential to get the most from your sports car. Here are some reasons why regular maintenance of your Porsche is vital.

To prevent more expensive repairs

Many people avoid regular servicing as they see it as an added expense, however it can actually prevent breakdowns and unexpected major repairs which will cost far more. For example, failing to check your engine oil can cause your engine to seize up, costing thousands to repair or replace. Addressing issues such as underinflated tyres will also ensure your Porsche drives better and improves your fuel economy. What’s more, here at Porsche Conversions, we are currently offering 10% off Porsche servicing, so that’s a little extra money you will be saving.

To keep you safe on the roads

Trying to service your own car can result in damage to the engine which can be both dangerous and expensive to fix. Servicing by a professional will pick up on any problems before things start to go wrong, such as identifying any parts that are beginning to wear out before they become an issue. Just because your Porsche feels fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is working as it should be, so it’s always best to get a professional to give it a once over.


Regularly servicing your Porsche will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of your vehicle: the better you treat it, the longer it will last. If you love your car and want to get plenty of good years out of it, then regular servicing is a must.

Maintaining value

Porsches aren’t cheap, so if you want to maintain its value until you sell it on, servicing is key. A full service history and log book giving evidence of regular upkeep suggests the car was well looked after and will attract more potential buyers, at a higher selling price.

If you’re a Porsche owner and are looking to get your vehicle serviced by a Porsche specialist, you need look no further than Porsche Conversions in Ilford, Essex. Our technicians are experts in Porsche repairs and modifications and can give your sports car regular servicing to ensure it is safe to drive, while preventing larger, more expensive repairs.

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