Why did Porsche Recall 22,000 Cars Over Emissions Software

Porsche Recall 22,000 Cars Over Emissions Software

Germany’s transport minister announced last week that 22,000 Porsche cars were to be recalled due to illegal emissions-controlling software. The model affected is the Cayenne 3-liter TDI, which is still in production.

German authorities carried out tests on the cars, where they discovered the “defeat device software” which is used to disguise the true extent of the car’s emissions and pollution. This comes within two years of Porsche’s sister company, Volkswagen, admitted that it had installed defeat devices in 11 million diesel cars worldwide.

Porsche still relies on diesel engines, which account for around 15% of their global sales. However, earlier this month Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stated that Porsche will decide by 2020 whether its latest generation of diesel engines will be its last.

Porsche says around 165 cars that have not yet been delivered to customers will be held back until the software update is completed in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the brand says the vehicles affected “remain safe to drive” and can be driven as normal. They will also contact customers affected by the issues to arrange free updates.

Although these latest developments suggest Porsche have been wanting to hide the high emissions of their diesel engines, Porsche began its first official emissions tests way back in 1966 and they have a long history of eco-conscious models. The “Porsche Intelligence Performance” is an ethos which aims to lower emissions, become greener and more fuel efficient.

This has been shown through creation of their plug-in hybrid models and the development of their all-electric Mission E. The making of this first fully electric vehicle is well underway, with plans to roll it out by 2020. Software updates will also be wireless, meaning recalls will not be necessary for computer-related issues. Let’s hope that this emissions scandal is a one-off for Porsche and that their future will be far greener!

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