Benefits of Air Conditioning Recharge for Porsches

Porsche Conversions Talks: The Benefits of Air Conditioning Recharge

The UK is in the midst of what appears to be a never-ending heatwave. So, it’s important now more than ever to ensure your Porsche’s air conditioning is in tip-top condition to make your driving experience more enjoyable. Still not convinced? Porsche Conversions have put together a list of the most valuable benefits of ensuring your air conditioning is recharged.

Better air flow

It’s called air conditioning for a reason! Whenever the UK endures a heatwave, it’s often humid and muggy. This atmosphere often transpires in your car, making your driving experience insufferable and unpleasant. Ensuring your Porsche’s air conditioning is recharged helps remove any excess moisture.

Not only that, but air conditioning can reduce the temperature in your car without having to have your windows down. This may seem obvious, however, driving down the motorway with your windows down, you’ll end up looking as though you’ve sat outside in gale force winds!

Air conditioning makes your car more aerodynamic

If your air conditioning is fully charged, you’re able to keep your windows closed. This not only means that your Porsche’s aerodynamics are at an optimum level, but it also increases both yours and your passengers’ safety.


There is often a common misconception that air conditioning drains the fuel in your car. Granted if you blast your air conditioning for a 5-minute journey- it’s not going to be the most effective use of fuel. However, if you’re travelling for a sustained period of time, it will barely affect fuel consumption- quite the contrary, it is likely to even save money!

A safer journey

Around 20% of fatal road accidents involve fatigue. If you’re feeling a bit tired at the wheel, we would recommend blasting the air conditioning for a few minutes for cleaner, fresher air. This is likely to wake you up and make you more alert for your journey.

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