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Caring for your classic Porsche over winter with Porsche Conversions, Essex

Owning a classic Porsche is a commitment to say the least and, when it comes to winter time, extra care needs to be taken to ensure your car remains well-kept for the following spring and summer. The cold weather in the UK can be particularly problematic for classic cars, so here are a few of Porsche Conversions’ top tips for maintaining your sportscar.


If you’ve stored your classic Porsche for winter, the battery can suffer with a long period of inactivity. We recommend using your car a couple of times over the colder months to prevent damage to the battery. You could also invest in a high-quality battery maintenance system, which will ensure your battery is charged throughout the winter.

Anti-freeze and coolant

Now is the perfect time to ensure your engine’s anti-freeze level is right, to prevent any damage or cracking to the engine once the freezing temperatures set in. If you have an older model without a coolant reservoir, you will need to open the cap on the radiator to check or add coolant – and never add it to a warm engine!

Change your oil and oil filter

Before storing your beloved classic Porsche for winter, make sure you change the oil and filter. Always double check you have the correct oil type and viscosity for your vehicle and seek advice from a Porsche specialist if needed.

Top up your tyres

To prevent flat spots appearing over the colder months, ensure you pump your tyres up to the recommended PSI. We would also suggest using an axle to ensure your car is sufficiently supported and that the weight of the car is lifted off the tyres. Of course, always check your tyres again before setting off in your Porsche once the weather warms up!

The best way to keep your classic Porsche in tip-top condition is to have regular servicing from a Porsche specialist, which will ensure any small problems can be quickly resolved before they become larger, more expensive issues. Here at our Porsche garage in Ilford, Essex, our highly-trained technicians have worked on a huge variety of Porsche models, from the classic 911s right through to modern Cayenne SUVs. If you’re looking for private Porsche repairs, modifications, personalisations or conversions, get in touch with our Essex garage today on 020 8500 9228. HOST