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Angel Eye headlight upgrade with Porsche Conversions, Essex

No matter how luxurious your vehicle is, there are usually that one or two things which could be more on-trend or look that little bit sleeker to improve the overall appearance of your car. Old-style headlights may seem like a minor aspect of your car’s overall appearance; however an upgrade can completely transform your exterior.

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your Porsche’s headlights, why not opt for an Angel Eye upgrade? These clean, white LEDs will make the more outdated, yellow lights a thing of the past.

More efficient

Our Angel Eye rings have 66 LED’s encased in individual diffuser housing and, what’s more, can save a great deal of electricity compared to inefficient halogen bulbs. This means you can reduce the drain on your battery while enhancing the appearance of your headlights.


Further to this, while halogen bulbs are only designed to run for around 5000 hours, LED headlights are capable of lasting for decades, so it’s undoubtedly an investment in the long run. They also draw less energy from your vehicle to produce a purer form of light, ultimately saving you fuel too.

Angel Eye headlight upgrades also work perfectly alongside the HiD Xenon kit, which are configured as Daytime Running Lights (DLRs) and can be operated to run in this way should you wish.

Safer to use

LED headlights also carry an important safety feature: increased visibility. Angel Eye headlamps improve night vision with a much more penetrating and illuminating white light, which makes it far easier to see in poor weather conditions and at night, without blinding other road users.

Here at Porsche Conversions, Ilford, we never leave a job unfinished and always ensure a showroom appearance is achieved. That’s why a headlamp glass refurbishment is included with all of our headlight packages!

Our headlights are fitted on site by our highly experienced Porsche technicians, who will ensure a seamless and meticulous service from start to finish. We can also offer a postal delivery service for those who cannot make it into our Essex garage, simply send us your headlight and receive a fully fitted and tested upgrade through the post.

For more information about any of our modifications, updates, repairs or conversions, get in touch with our Porsche specialists today on 020 8500 9228. HOST